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Winner of the 2022 Congressional App Challenge

Hello humans! We are thrilled to announce that DoorHinge Parkour has won the Congressional App Challenge for Oklahoma District 1. We never expected that a team of software developers from Mars would acomplish anything this incredible.

Learn Parkour in Simple Progressions

Our goal is to assist all you weak humans engage in a higher form of movement known as parkour no matter your skill level.

DoorHinge Parkour teaches parkour in a way that works for you.

Our simple progressions will help you nail even the hardest parkour tricks. Watch short videos to see how to do the move and read tips to improve your technique.

You Named it What?

Ok, so it sounds kind of stupid, but it is an inside joke at my parkour gym. Basically, at the end of each class, we would circle up and put our hands in and yell motion. However, at some point people started saying DoorHinge instead of Motion.

Are you Mark Zuckerberg?

Nope! Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, we don’t track you at all. The only thing we have in common with our dear friend Mark is being lizard people from Mars.

Is my Device Inferior?

DoorHinge Parkour works on:

Do I Know You?

Ok, so maybe we weren’t being completely honest. We aren’t actually a team of lizard people. In fact we aren’t even a we. I’m a 15 year old software developer and the developer of DoorHinge parkour as well as several other apps. I’ve been doing parkour for several years now and I’ll even teach classes at a gym called Motion Tulsa from time to time.

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Free Forever

  • Written instructions and tips
  • Video demonstrations
  • Mark skills as complete
  • Access to all skills and progressions
  • Ad Free
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Written descriptions of common mistakes



Coming Soon

  • Everything in Free
  • Change App Theme
  • Change App Icons
  • AI Generated Challenges
  • Skill Help from Chat-GPT
  • Support a 15 year old App Developer

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